Programs of Choice

Programs of Choice offer students a unique opportunity to explore their interests, support their strengths or get exposed to a career.

For most programs,applications are accepted in February to be considered for priority placementfor the following school year. Application is program-specific.Learn more below.

Students who would like to attend a program at a school other than their home school may need to apply for a cross-district transfer.

Learn more about student planning for next Fall.


Each of our eight secondary schools offer programs that give students a chance to excel in a specific area of interest while fulfilling their academic requirements. Students don’t necessarily need to live in the school’s catchment to apply.

Learning options include Programs of Choice in technology, sports, trades, career training, and educational enrichment such as French Immersion, Advanced Placement courses, and an AP Capstone™ program.

Programs of Choice include Career Educationoptions – some of which allow students to earn wages along with credits toward graduation.

See all Secondary Programs of Choice and How to Apply.

See the Printable Secondary Programs of Choice Flyer.


At the elementary level, students have language options including early and late French Immersion and Mandarin Language Arts, as well as educational enrichment opportunities and education through the arts.

See all Elementary Programs of Choice and How to Apply.

See the Printable Elementary Programs of Choice Flyer.

Updated December 2023