Multi-Age Cluster Class

Program Overview


What is MACC?

MACC is an interdisciplinary, inquiry based program for highly able learners seeking heightened cognitive and creative challenge in an inclusive and supportive community of intellectual peers. MACC is responsive to the needs of high-ability learners whose cognitive, personal and social skills may be developing at varying rates.

District Locations

Grade 4/5 & Grade 6/7 at Capitol Hill Elementary
Grade 4/5 & Grade 6/7 at Suncrest Elementary

Registration Information

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MACC Offers Highly Able Learners the Opportunity to:

  • develop a depth and breadth of understanding of grade level curriculum in a rigorous, creative and intellectually stimulating environment
  • connect their learning beyond the classroom
  • be themselves and become integral members of both their cohort group and the broader school community
  • develop the social and emotional skills essential for school and life
  • gain self-management skills to effectively engage in self-directed and collaborative learning experiences
  • explore and manifest their true potential as learners and innovators.

MACC Students Demonstrate (or have the Potential to Demonstrate):

  • high task commitment
  • the ability to deal with increased pace, depth and complexity, and open-ended tasks
  • willingness to reflect on own learning
  • social responsibility and collaboration with other learners
  • passion and drive for learning and strong desire to be in this type of learning environment
  • high intellectual and creative ability

Consideration will also be given to additional qualities such as:

  • flexibility in learning and a willingness to take risks
  • desire to become a self-directed learner and take responsibility for his/her learning
  • ability to be innovative and creative
  • strong problem solving and critical thinking skills

Who should apply?

MACC candidate students are identified by individual schools in consultation with the school-based resource team, classroom teachers and parents/guardians.

How are participants selected?

A team of teachers, administrators and district staff will review the application packages and select the participants for the program. Due to space limitations and specific group dynamics, not all nominated students may be accepted into the MACC program. Class composition is a major component of the selection process.

If you are interested in finding out more about the MACC program, please contact your school administrator.

Please Note: As the learning and behavioural characteristics associated with giftedness are diverse, a MACC model is a great option for some highly-able learners, but does not meet the needs of every highly-abled child. The Burnaby School District is able to support a wide range of highly able learners through a variety of programming options. If you are interested in finding out more about the MACC program, please contact your school administrator.

Updated November 2023