Accessibility Act

The provides organizations, including school districts, a framework to identify, remove, and prevent barriers to accessibility. The Provincial Government created the legislation as an important step to making BC a more accessible province for all.

Our Commitment

The Burnaby School District is committed to fostering a welcoming, safe and inclusive culture that benefits both learning and work environments for all members of the community.

The ϳԹ has clearly articulated in their Strategic Plan that our schools are for everyone. We recognize that barriers exist and seek to identify and remove them. We encourage our learners to speak honestly, and we uphold the rights of individuals, families and organizations within our schools and our community. We value and respect everyone’s contributions.

Part of this commitment involves working collaboratively with the community to identify barriers for people with disabilities across our teaching and learning environments, workplaces, and community spaces.

Accessibility in the Burnaby School District

The community may review the Burnaby School District Accessibility Plan 2023-2026.

Our approach is designed to recognize the gaps and opportunities to improve accessibility in our community. By engaging in thoughtful planning, meaningful engagement, training, and direct action, we aim to deliver lasting accessibility improvements for all members of our community.

Accessibility is defined as the state of having programs, services and environments that allow all individuals to participate fully in society without encountering barriers.

A barrier is defined as anything that prevents a person with a disability from fully participating in all aspects of society because of their disability, including an architectural barrier, an attitudinal barrier, an informational or communications barrier, a physical barrier, a policy, procedure or a practice, or a technological barrier.

The Burnaby School District has established advisory and working committees to gather information about accessibility and assist in identifying barriers in the District. We encourage members of the community to assist in and provide feedback in the following ways:

Online Form

Submit feedback about the Accessibility Plan through our online form:

Submit feedback about barriers faced through our online form:

You can attach files to help explain the barrier you faced within the form such as:

  • A video
  • A voice recording
  • Photos

If American Sign Language (ASL) is the best way for you to communicate, you can upload a video of yourself using ASLinto the form.

By Email

Email your feedback

By Phone

Please call us at 604-296-6900 ext. 661144

By Mail

Accessibility Committee
Burnaby School District Administration Office
4054 Norfolk Street
Burnaby, BC V5G 0C3